Andreas Christensen have long been known for their innovative ideas in the world of pianos. In 1931 the company gave Poul Henningsen  the commission of designing an instrument with a, ‘new functional and modern design that lives up to our famous soft piano tone’.  Poul Henningsen was already famous as a social critic and also a noted designer, particularly for his PH lamps created for the lighting manufacturer, Louis Polson.


The piano he subsequently designed was named the ‘PH Piano’ and it quickly gained fame when it was placed in the house Villa Mairea. This architectural and ground-breaking masterpiece of a building was designed by Alvar Aalto in the, so-called, Nordic Modern Style. Both house and piano together were later featured in Ursula Mayer’s film, ‘Villa Mairea’ of 2007.


It is believed that there are only five of these iconic instruments left in the world, one of which has been exhibited in the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York.


We were delighted to offer the very special piano, pictured right, in our 17th September 2015 sale. Lot 50 Hammer Price £22,000

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